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Full Version: T20P Not Hung up the calls
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I have T20P phones but I have a problem. When I call or answer a call I cannot hang up the call. I tried to press on speaker button but did nothing. I also tried to put down the speaker handle but did nothing. Just the Menu button hung up the call.

I have other T20P phones but did not have this issue.

Can you please help me to fix this issue.

Hi Alaali,

Can you reset to factory and try again?
can you tell me the version of your T22?
Hi, I have the same problem. My phone is a T20.
Update the firmware and reset to factory settings.
Any idea how to fix it?
thank you!
Hi Gaston,

So only one of T20 has the problem?
If you press cancel softkey, will phone hang up call?
If yes, I am afraid that it's a hardware problem.

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