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Full Version: Sticky last line used
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It would be nice to have an option to specify the default line to use when the handset is picked up.

But also a mode where the last line that got selected for a call becomes the default for the next call.

My observation of default at this time it selects the first Registered line from line 1 through to line N as the default.

Often a user is doing a bunch of work with the same non-default line. It would be nice to select it once and use it for a call. Then when you next dial or pickup the previous default sticks as the default choice.

It also should not matter if that line loses registration between uses, it would only be at the point the phone goes off-hook that it would try to select the sticky line, if that was not available it would revert to the current policy of the first Registered line from line through to line N.
I like this... but it would have to be "USER CONFIGURABLE" via the phone menus.
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