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Full Version: link status disconnected network unavailable
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I have configured a handful of SIP-T22P phones and once in awhile I come across some that refuse to work unless a PC is connected to the PC port.

If I don't connect a PC to the PC port, then the phone displays, "network unavailable" on the LCD but does have an IP address and I can talk to the web admin interface. Also in the web admin interface the "Link Status" reports, "disconnected".

What am I doing wrong?
Hi rilliam,

May be you change the network setting in your phone.
1. Do you ever reset to factory and reboot, then try again?
2. And this issue may be related to the network invironment. Could you please describe the network invironment at that time?
Do you use a hub or switch?
3. Please upgrade your firmware to our latest version and check again.

3. If this issue is still on,please supply us Syslo level 6,confi.bin and trace.
Before you export the syslog, please set log level as 6, and reboot the phone, then click Start,and reproduce the issue, then click Stop,and export the trace, syslog, config,bin to us.
(About where to export these files, please refer to attached screenshot.)
These three files are very important for us, hope you can kindly understand.
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