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Full Version: Two phone one accont
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Please can someone help me with 2x Yealink VP530 phones and FreePBX/Asterisk?
A customer will that 2 phone works with one account.
If the first phone is in conversation, than is not possible to call form second phone.
If the first phone is in conversation/busy, then you can see that the first phone is busy if you try to call from second phone.


this is not possible "directly" with Asterisk, but you can create an extension that dials 2 phones at once "Dial(SIP/xy&SIP/yz" and check the phones status before with "ChanIsAvail" and give busy, if one of them is busy. And you can set of course the same CallerID for both phones in "sip.conf".
Hi mkeuter

When I make an extension, than can I register 2 phones, but when I call to extension nummber than ringing only one phone.
Please can you explain me how can I crate a extension that dials 2 phones at once?
Can you explain me this "Dial(SIP/xy&SIP/yz"?


because in Asterisk you CANNOT register 2 phones with the same SIP account at once, the 2nd registered phone "will win". You need to give them different SIP accounts.

For the dial command:

exten => 100,1,NoOp(Dial phones 101 & 102)
same => n,Dial(SIP/101&SIP/102)

When you dial 100 both phones will ring. You could also use 100 & 101.

CLI: "core show application dial"
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