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Full Version: Setup dial number in phone to use multicast paging
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We have recently started using the multicast paging feature and we are very pleased with how well it works. One thing that would be a nice addition would be the abilty to setup a dial number in the phone that would perform the multicast paging function as opposed to having to press a button. We have Yealink phones at several schools and having a button programmed for multicast paging on the phone can be problematic at times. Teachers will accidently set something on the button or mischievous students push the button either way it is disruptive till the phone is found and hung up. It would be nice if we could simply tell the user dial 1234 to make a page.

do you have a PBX? Some PBX's allow multicast paging on a ring group or extension... ie: 3cx.
Our PBX does not utilize the multicast paging function.
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