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Full Version: T32G - LLDP - VLAN-ID Refresh
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We have just purchased a couple Yealink T32G phones with the intent of deploying several hundred within our facility. I’ve come across an issue that could potentially keep us from utilizing the product, however.

We use LLDP to assign VLAN to telephones. The VLAN assignment works properly, however, when we move the telephone to a different floor (a different VLAN) the VLAN ID does not get refreshed.

For example: I plug a phone in on the 12th floor, the phone is properly assigned VLAN ID: 2121, the phone boots properly and comes in to service. Then I unplug and move that phone to the 11th floor, the phone does not properly boot and says “Obtaining IP Address” on the screen. When I look through the menu on the phone I can see that the VLAN is still set as 2121. The proper VLAN for the floor is 2111.

This works properly with other brands of SIP phone and has only been noticed on these Yealink devices.

Has any one seen this before on these devices?

Is this something that can be resolved via firmware update?
Hi dizfunkshinal,

I find that you have send a same question email to our support email box. Our support engineer will help you and solve your issue.
Hi dizfunkshinal,

Our technical engineer has sent a email to you in Oct 28th (Monday). Please check your email.
Thanks for your cooperation.
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