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Full Version: DSS Keys
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You have in the templates for V71

#memorykey.x.line--Configure the desired line to apply the key feature. It ranges from 0 to 6.
#The value 0 of the "memorykey.x.line" stands for Auto, it means the first available line.
#But, when the DSS key is configured as BLF, BLF List, Shared Line, Call Park, Pick Up, ACD or Voice Mail feature, the value 0 stands for line 1.

I do not believe this is the case anymore-
even for BLF 1=1 2=2 NOT 0=1-

I came across this "It configures the desired line to apply the key feature. 0-Line 1 1-Line 1 … 6-Line 6 " in the latest PDF

Yealink please confirm this is now true and will not change.
I confirm same firmware issue.

I hope the new release will make option "0" available as "Auto". This makes a huge difference on a T46. Same result on line buttons. When I put multiple calls on hold I cant retrieve them easily since there is no respective flashing button. The only work around for me was to set all 6 lines to Line1. Which then all the screen is filled with "Line1" labels or "extension_number" labels.
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