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Full Version: No dial tone/cannot hear each other but can call and
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I managed to get my phone to connect to a service provider and can call and receive calls.

But there is do dial tone. And we cannot hear each other.

What do you think is wrong?

Is it because the receiver is broken?

Hi joejess,

Do you use a router? Just offer some probable solutions.

Here's what you will need to pass on to whomever would change the router settings.
You may need to ensure that these ports are open on the router:

Signaling ports: 5060 to 5090 UDP (This is just the SIP messaging to setup and tear down calls)
Media (Audio): 5999 to 19999 UDP (This is the actual media or RTP of the call)

Further, and very important given the issue, you need to ensure that "SIP ALG" is disabled in the router.
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