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Full Version: PC Port Active
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Hello all,

I can seem to find the correct provisioning parameter for "PC Port Active".
In legacy cfg it was
[ LAN ]
UsePcPort = 1

I tries using the converter tool but it says,
# The M7 configuration files do not support the following parameter(s).
# UsePcPort = 1

BUT that really just means they did not put that parameter in the converter tool.

I tried
network.pc_port.use = 0
network.use_pc_port = 0

BUt no luck :-(

anyone have an idea?

I'm not sure what that setting did, but the Admin manual that is on the downloads portion of the Yealink site has a list of provision parameters including a handful of pc port settings. What exactly did that old setting do?
Disabled the PC port
Maybe use these as alternative - enabling as a VLAN and setting a number you are not using in your environment.

#Enable or disable the VLAN of PC port; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;
#Require reboot;
network.vlan.pc_port_enable = 0

#Configure the VLAN ID, it ranges from 0 to 4094, the default value is 1.
#Require reboot;
network.vlan.pc_port_vid =

or, just coming up with a combination based on above: network.pc_port_enable=0
Found it

network.pc_port.enable =
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