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Full Version: RemotePhone via AutoProvision
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Hi Guys,

i used to use the below config to auto provision our customers remote phone book:

[ RemotePhoneBook ]
remotephonebook = 0

[ RemotePhoneBook0 ]
path = /config/Setting/Setting.cfg
Name = Remote

recently after upgrading one of the phones to the latest firmware, which is (this is a T22P) the above config is not working and the phone is not getting the remote phone book.

Does anyone know if the config for auto provisioning of this has changed?

Thank you
Lots changed from pre v70 to v70/71. I am assuming but can not be sure by your post that you upgraded from a pre v70 configuration. There are instructions on converting the template from pre v70 into the new format.
It is possible you did that, and that it was not converted properly.
Anyhow - here is what I use in my T46 and T38. I think all phones use common configs now in v70+.
Code: = http://ipaddress:port/yealink_phonebook.xml = Company Directory

Thank you for the reply.

Would this go in the y0000000000$suffix.cfg or the mac.cfg file?

Thank you
You can do either. It works in any case. If you want certain users not to have access to directory then in mac.cfg.
You can also mix,

Code: = http://ipaddress:port/yealink_phonebook_personal.xml = Personal Directory

Code: = http://ipaddress:port/yealink_phonebook.xml = Company Directory

Remember to change the directory # if you put 1 then your mac.cfg will overwrite your common .cfg
hope this helps!
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