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Full Version: Uploading contacts into T21P E2
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I uploaded a csv file into the contacts. When used, the call is declined and disconnected. The same phone number works when dialed manually.
What else do I need to do?
this is a new installation
thanks, Jean

the cscv file won't Add Attachment.
This is the data.
Hotel Address Main Phone
Marriott City Center       520 SW Broadway 503 226-6300
Benson Hotel SW Broadway 503 470-5926
Hilton Hotel and Towers 921 SW 6th 503-226-1611
Paramount Hotel           808 SW Taylor St (503) 223-9900
The Nines                     525 SW Morrison (877) 229-9995
can you share a couple lines of the file you used? we can not tell what is going on otherwise? Or run a PCAP Trace when you place the call and examine it - or upload for examination by others.
See above. This is a new phone and new installation. Are there settings I should check?
I would start by removing any ( and ) and - from the phone numbers.
Hello Jean,

Can you start phone pcap trace and set syslog level to 6 under setting-> configuration. Make two calls, one is muanul, the other is from contacts. Then export pcap trace and syslog to us.

Spaces, extra characters, etc in the fields were the issues. And playing around with the interface helped too.
Thank you for your assistance!
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