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Full Version: Call Park, Call PickUp, Other
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Does any one have straight help to get phones to park calls and be able to program DSS line keys to do it? I have it but its not working quite the way I expect it to.

2 How to setup to be able to pick up a call from any extension even if the phone is not in the ring group?

3 I am will ing to pay for walk through support if all my questions are answered and I understand it when done.

I am using Elastix PBX with T-28p phones, PBX seems straight forward but even help with tieing phone to features and commands from pbx.
Hi Neils,
1. About Call Park configuration, please refer to attached 1 picture.
Please fill the call park feature code of your PBX in the Value, for example *87.
Then when you are in a call, and press this DSS key, it will park the call to the server.
2. About Pick up feature, if you want to monitor and pick up certain number, you can configure it as the attachment 2.
Fill the pick up feature code of your PBX in the Extension, for example *20*, then when there's incoming call on your monitor number 100, your DSS key will blink red, then you can press it and pickup the incoming call from 100.
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