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Full Version: Configuring IP Phone from X-lite parameters
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My telco provide an x-lite softphone on my laptop to make calls from my PC.

But I like to make calls using a Yearlink desk phone in my office.

How do I set up the Yearlink phone using the configurations contained in the X-Lite account setup.

If your telco has not locked your x-lite down you should be able to use the SIP account information (Server IP, SIP username/password) to configure your Yealink.
Thanks a lot. I managed to get that to work and the phone can now make and receive calls.
But we cannot hear each other.
What do you think is wrong?
I think this may be the way of it as VoIP or SIP app set up on your iPod Contact, and the appropriate settings, your Contact can be used just like an iPhone. You will need Wi-Fi connection when putting or getting calling. Furthermore, you will need a mic for your Touch.
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Hi joejess,

How is the issue now? Can you hear each other now?
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