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Full Version: Re-parking a call on the same Call Park button
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Yealink T38G phones. Issue occurs on firmware and

I've defined several memory keys as Call Park with a different parking lot for each key.

A call can only be parked once on a particular key. Attempting to re-park it on the same key disconnects the call. It must be parked on a different key.

In other words, I'm on a call and I put it on one of the Call Park keys. Then I pick up the call, talk some, then Call Park it on the same key as before. It will be dropped as soon as I hit the button.

Any ideas?
I am having the same issue on my T28 phones. I have attached a PCAP trace, file from one of my phones. Maybe someone from Yealink can take a look and make an adjustment so it would be possible to park a call on the same button twice.
In the PCAP trace that I have attached I called my Yealink phone at ext 3488 from another phone at ext 7488. I then pressed DSS key #3 which is set as a BLF for park zone 300 and the call is successfully parked.I then pressed DSS key #3 to pick up the parked call which also completed successfully. I then pressed DSS key #3 to park the calll again and the call is immediately dropped. I then repeated this scenario a second time with the same results. If I perform this function manually by pressing trans then entering 300. I can place the call on park and pick it up as many time as I want without any issue.


I also sent this in an email to Yealink support as the forum would not let me attach the syslog and config files in addition to the PCAP. I will let you know what I hear back from them.
I remember seeing this issue on the T38 when I first got them May 2012. They fixed it in a custom firmware. I wonder if it didn't make it to the current v70 firmware.
No complaints from my users though... I'll have to test.
Hi dcfindlay
we have notified R&D of the issue.If there are any result,I will inform you as soon as possible.
And,may I know what PBX you are using?
Thank you.

Asterisk 1.8
Hi rlsabin,

Please try attach fixed version and kindly give a feedback to me.
(11-13-2013 10:58 AM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi rlsabin,

Please try attach fixed version and kindly give a feedback to me.

That version works wonderfully. No issues with parking a call multiple times on the same button. Will that fix be incorporated into future versions so that we will not lose this functionality if we upgrade in the future?
Hi dcfindlay,

Please try attach fixed version and kindly give a feedback to me.
I have the same problem with T46G and firmware Asterisk 1.8. Call is disconnected on the second park when using BLF. Is there a fix?
Hi parts223,

Can you try below version and feed back to me?

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