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Full Version: T46G logs
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Hi, I have a little script that sends the phone number from Apple addressbook to the phone. Works like a charge for t38 and t28 but not with t46.

Trying to look at the phone logs but cannot find them.

Any idea?

The logs can be accessed from the Web interface on the T46G: Directory -> Phone Call Info
Tks, but that's not what I'm chasing.

I'm looking at the actual overall logs. The ones that will tell me why my script is not working properly ;o)
The info to dial the phone is different on the t46. Also the latest firmware is required as the older firmware didn't allow the logon to work via the http call.


Hope this helps you.
Hi Beno,
What's the firmware on your T46G?
The history(call log) is the same as T28/T38 phones.
But sorry we are not know about your script, is there any setting should be changed? For example the model name or others?
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