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Full Version: Transfer Callerid
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Good morning,

As Treadh # pid1545

I already use the firmewares X.70.0.140 in all my equipment Yealink.

I wonder which option I have to change in provisioning, in order to transfer the callerid of origin for the transfer of calls from yealink.


Hi Jason,
There's no option, after you upgrade to these firmware, it will transfer original caller id to the third party by default.
It transfers the original caller ID to the third by default. Then it would send the caller ID of the original call or caller id of the device you are transferring the call?
Hi Jason,
For example,
100 call 101, and 101 press Transfer to transfer the call to 102, after 101 hang up, it will display 100 on the 102 LCD screen.
And if you want it display the name of 100(for example "John"), this depends on what server send to the phone in the "From" header field, so if server didn't send out the caller ID to the phone, the phone can't display caller ID.So you can check with PBX side, that send out the caller id to the phone.

Using the transfer Yealink device does not forward as the example you described. It forwards the id 101 instead of 100. If I use the transfer (* 2) it makes Asterisk forwarding correct id 100 source to the destination.

I've been playing with this on Asterisk so your mileage may vary based on your provider/PBX, but I had to change the FROM setting for the account on the phone to PAI-FROM instead of just FROM. Asterisk will include the source in the PAI and you have to tell the Yealink phone to use PAI first (if available) and then use FROM. Asterisk will send out an UPDATE or re-INVITE (depends on your settings) when the party doing the transfer drops out. This setting is on the advanced settings on the account or you can provision it using the lines below in the MAC.cfg file.

#Configure the presentation of the caller identity for account X.
#0-FROM (Derives the name and number of the caller from the From header).
#1-PAI (Derives the name and number of the caller from the PAI header. If the server does not send the PAI header, displays anonymity on the calleeā€™s phone).
#2-PAI-FROM (Derives the name and number of the caller from the PAI header preferentially. If the server does not send the PAI header, derives from the From header).
account.1.cid_source = 2
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