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Full Version: Handset firmware
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i'm trying to upgrade the firmware on my handset w52p, but the flasher give me an error "failed to open .rom file". I have download the rom file from the yealink website.
Try it on 3 pc with differents os but the problem remain.

Any solution?

I have the same issue.
What makes me really wonder is that the size of the FW is much smaller (2.6MB) compared to the size of older FW (5.1MB).
exactly, the size of the new firmware is too small, i think it's an upload error on their website. If anyone have a good version of can share it? Thanks
Hi all,
I download the from the website just now, then decompress it, and upgrade the handset firmware successfully. So could you try again?
And could you let us know how you upgrade your handset? Did you follow our upgrade guide(with upgrade tool and USB cable) to upgrade it?:
(The handset can't be upgrade directly via webpage)
And could you let us know where or which steps display this message "failed to open .rom file" ? Could you take a picture?
thank you, with the flasher software inside the zip file that you have posted all is ok! I was trying to flash new firmware with old version of flasher, and probably are not compatible
Works fine for me too now, thanks a lot.
It took me several tries to be able to download the new USB tool... because the way the URL is truncated.

I used the google tool to shorten the URL so that anyone else wont have this problem[/align]
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