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Full Version: What's the VPN problem, or my problem, with the T23G ??
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I have many T22P's, built and installed openvpn.tar file via upload, and it works in the office, and remote. It connects to OpenVPN and freepbx, all works as expected.

I bought 2 T23G's, built and installed openvpn.tar files for 2 users, works in office, not remote. I then installed the exact same openvpn.tar file as on the T22P, and the T23G's still fail to connect once it is remote. Yes, OpenVPN is enabled on all the phones.

If I check the open vpn log, I see the T23G connected to openvpn in the office, but it never connects remote, whereas the T22p does w/o issue. Both the 22 and the 23 have the latest firmware, and are pretty much configured the same.

What's the issue? Any ideas? I must be missing some detail. Thanks.
Ahh, I figured it out, my fault duh, thanks.
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