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Full Version: MWI Not working with T20P
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We have T20P's here and a swyx phone system. The MWI is working fine as far as when someone leaves a voicemail the phones pick it up showing a new vm, and then you can use the message button to retreive the VM. HOWEVR once you have listened to the vm and deleted it, the MWI is still lit showing that there are still new VM's.

Any ideas pls on how to get this to refresh?? If i logon to the backend of the individual phone and change the refresh time then hit confirm it realises that there is now VM's however it all starts again with a new VM. I have upgraded to the latest FW.


Bump, anyone???
Hi Glenl,
Could you check your voicemail server(or check with your PBX provider) that whether you already deleted it? Generally it will not prompt again if you don't have new message.
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