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Full Version: Update fail 11... SIP-T20P
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Hi everybody

I need help. I have one phone SIP-T20P, it's broke the firmware.

looking in the website i found an recovery mode update for Yealink via TFTP. (t38.rom and t38.bin) rename both file to t20.rom and t20.bin and the make root directory (C:\tftp).

After filling the right value (IP, Masck, getway and TFTP Server) for the phone for download the firmware and update.

after minutes, show on the LCD: …Update fail 11… Please reboot (#define WEB_UPD_PROT_VER_ERR 11 /* the protocol version is faulty).

As i can make work the phone again?
Hi Jose,
I am afraid this phone was broken, please contact your distributor/reseller to deal with it.
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