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Full Version: Can I auto provisioning yealink t2x with $key?
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Can I auto provisioning yealink t2x with $key?

The $key can be use to decrypt Common.cfg and mac.cfg file
Hi Tommy,
Sorry our forum lost some data, your previous post is missing.
What do you mean about "Can I auto provisioning yealink t2x with $key?"
About encrypt/decrypt cfg file, you can refer to the instruction in our website:

provision url:$key=12345678910 is provisioning server

y000000000007.cfg is Common.cfg file for t20

value 12345678910 is key for decrypt y000000000007.cfg file

Can I setup something like that?

I run this at server side:

./EncryptUtilityLinux 12345678910 e "/home/y000000000007.cfg.en" "/home/y000000000007.cfg"

and hope provision url can pass $key to the phone, then phone use $key to decrypt y000000000007.cfg file
Sorry currently we can't support these.
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