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Full Version: Auto Provision does not udpate
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Auto-provisioning doesn't work with the new phones, specifically with T28P which comes with Hardware version

If I force reset then the auto-provisioning works fine. I can either enter the configuration server URL directly on the phone, or use DHCP to point it to the configuration server (HTTPS).

But when I reboot the phone it does not check new configuration. Although I see on the screen "Sending provision requests" but there is no log of such request on the server. If I reboot other T28P phones with hardware version it works every time. They all download the same y000000000000.cfg file and individual configuration file based on the same mac_conf template.

So the only workaround for me with hardware version is to reset the phone every time I need to update the configuration or upgrade the firmware.

Please see attached pcam, syslog and config files. Your advice is appreciated.

Thank you,

I am having similar issues. Only with the new firmware. I am waiting for someone to confirm that it is indeed related to the new firmware.
Additional information:

Both of the T28P phones have the same firmware The older one has hardware, and the new one has hardware. If I reboot the older one, every time it checks for the new updates including the y000000000000.cfg file, individual configuration file, and the firmware. The new one doesn't even talk to the configuration server. Both are on the same LAN going to the same network switch.

Hi Barnabas,
This firmware is our distributor Alloy's custom firmware, maybe there's some custom items can't compatible with our new hardware.
Please contact them, and they will contact Yealink special engineer who is charged of this, to resolve the problem with a higher priority.
Thanks and sorry.
With the newer firmwares I found they will not check for a config file until they have booted and are idle for a half minute or so.
I found out that the problem was with the security set to check for certificate.

Now I have added the following to both the "Y" configuration file and to the "MAC" configuration file and it works with "HTTPS" server.

#Enable or disable the phone to only accept the certificates in the Trusted Certificates list;
#0-Disabled, 1-Enabled (default);
security.trust_certificates = 0

You want to check and make sure that another instance of the same line with security set to 1 does not exist.

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