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Full Version: Very strange IP issue with T32G's
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I'm having some very strange issues with my Yealink SIP-T32G phones not being able to obtain an IP address, even when directly connected to my router. Everything else on the network can pull addresses from the DHCP server (also the router) with no problem. I can't even connect (ping or web interface) to the phone after setting a static IP address on the phone. What's even stranger is that I can move them to our office across the hall (connected through a patch panel in our network closet) and they all work fine. ???? Help please!!!!
are computers working fine in the office where the phones are not working?
(08-13-2013 03:22 AM)craigreilly Wrote: [ -> ]are computers working fine in the office where the phones are not working?

That's the REALLY strange part, they work as normal, both with static & dynamically-assigned IP addresses.
Anyone ??????
Hi Harmony,
1.How many T32G do you have, and all T32G can't get IP address? What's the firmware of your T32G?
And if you move them to another office, all of them can work?
2.Could you check is there any difference between these two network environment?
3.And do you have other brand phones in your office? Can they get IP address?
4.Could you check whether there's any setting for example LLDP or VLAN or other setting in the router?
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