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Full Version: Parked call or snooze
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Hello everyone
Is it possible to park a call on the phone?
Or "snooze"?
There is a setting dial phone settings automatically so that every 10 seconds dials automatically.
The problem is not always automatically detects and prevents it

Is there a way to manually run "snooze"?

Thank you
Hi Roee,
We have Call Park feature to park the call, but you should have the call park feature code from your service provider.
You can find the details about this feature from our user manual.

But sorry i am not understand what do you mean for
"The problem is not always automatically detects and prevents it
Is there a way to manually run "snooze"?"
Do you want to redial the call manually?
Thanks for the response

I meant that if there is a busy signal, the phone does not give the option to dial automatically.
Happened to me once I dialed the number and got a busy signal and suddenly recognized the phone and asked "to activate automatic dialing" I clicked OK and 10 seconds phone call again

But it does not happen always
Hi Roee,
Here i tested with several different PBX account, and it works well.
Could you let me know how this happened? When you use the same account, it will sometimes ask you redial, but sometimes will not?
It's when the other side is in a conversation?
And what's the firmware are you using? Here i am using firmware on my T28.
If the problem is still, is it possible to provide us three test accounts, so we can check at our side?
Thanks for the response
Exactly, sometimes it's like ID - Caller occupancy sometimes not
The server is - Asterisk
Is there a default code call is parked?
And phone version is Hebrew
How can I provide an account? I did not understand

What is seen on the server "call waiting" * 70 ?

Thanks !
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