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Full Version: Default answer using speakerphone
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We have a freePBX system running with a variety of Snom PA1 intercom units around the warehouses and offices. They work great - we simply dial an extension and speak.

We have purchased a number of W25P cordless phones, and it would be great that when a tannoy call is made this can also go to the cordless phone and come from the speakerphone.

My plan would be to add another registration on the cordless phones, with a default setting to be "auto answer + always answer using speakerphone". I could then add this new extension to the ring groups that the PA1's use, and when a tannoy message is played it also comes from the cordless phones.

The main reason for this, most of our mobile staff in the warehouse carry a cordless, but sometimes they would be out of range of hearing tannoy annoucements, so if it comes out of the phone too it would be awesome.

If there's an alternative way anybody can think to achieve this, it would be much appreciated!
Hi Benhyman,
So you want that even the handset is out of range, you can still hear the annoucement?
We will release repeater device at the end of this month which will extend the range of the handset with the base.
Ah, when I meant out of range I was meaning when you couldn't hear the tannoy system (but the cordless are still within range of being connected to the base).

The tannoy can not be heard outside for example, but the cordless phones work fine outside.
Hi Benhyman,
Sorry but now i am still not understand your request clearly.
"The tannoy can not be heard outside for example, but the cordless phones work fine outside. "
This is what you want? Or you mean now this is the problem you want to overcome?
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