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Full Version: Rebooting W52P to keep working
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My new phone system works great for a few hours and then I have to reboot (pull the power wire) on the W52P to keep the system working.

I run both softphones and Polycom phones with no issues so I have rolled-out any issues with my PBX or networks.

What happens is, after the Yealink handsets are inactive for a period of time I cannot receive a phone call or place a call unless I reboot the W52P. The handsets appear active and in the web interface they are said registered. When a call is placed I get a busy signal and the handsets do not say "Searching for the Bases".

My firmware is

Any help is appreciated.
Hi Jhughes,
Please try to upgrade the firmware
Any test result please let us know, thanks.
When I download the link it is a "Unknown" file name and will not upload since it is not a .rom format. There must be something wrong with the link, please provide a new link.

Additional Post - I changed the file name to and uploaded it. It seems to have taken. I will let you know how it works out.
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