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Full Version: Registering Gigaset's handsets to Yealink IP-DECT base stops ringing
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We are evaluating the Yealink W52P IP DECT for possible re-sales. When having registered only one Yealink handset, it works as it should.

However, when registering one or more Gigaset handsets (model C610H) to the base, it stops incoming calls from being received, although outgoing calls work.
Is this a known bug that one can expect to be fixed within a near future?

Thanks and regards,
Hi Peter,
Do you mean you register Gigaset handset to Yealink W52 base?
I think it's because the protocol of Yealink W52 and Gigaset is different, we suggest not register other brand dect handset to Yealink dect base, we don't use like this.
Please just register Yealink handset to Yealink base.
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