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Full Version: direct ip call
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I have purchased 2 W52P dect phone systems. Now I am trying to make direct ip call between the 2 handset.
The problem: I am not able to enter the '.' sign in 'L6 IP Call' menu.
for example: enter not possible, because I can not enter the dots!
Maybe a very simple problem, but I have not find the solution till now.
Hi Tamas,
You can press * instead of ., for example, press 10*10*10*121, it will dial out

I have tested it, and works well! Smile
Any idea to "direct ip call" selected handset?
For example I have 2 offices with 2 W52P dect station.
'A' office has 1 handset,
'B' office has 3 handset.

From B office direct ip call to A office, no problem.
But how could A office h1 handset direct call B office h2 handset?
Hi Tamas,
Direct IP call can be only called between two different base, because the IP address is for base, but not for the handset.
If you want to call different handset, i am afraid you should register VOIP account to different handset.
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