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Full Version: T46G Backlight options
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I would like to request two new features related to Backlighting.

1. Create drop-down box for "Backlight Idle Intensity" that allows setting of 1-15 instead of LOW or OFF (1 would be equal to Off).

2. "Backlight On Intensity" currently allows you to select 1-10 with "1" being equal to Off. A setting of "2" is not low enough for a darkened bedroom setting. I would suggest changing the range to 1-15 to include more very low settings.
Hi Brian,
Thanks for your suggestion. I will submit to our product department to evaluate.
For the first request, do you think even you select LOW, it's not dark enough? What about select it as OFF?
For the second request, if adjust it more dark, can you see the screen? It almost like OFF, could you let us know why you want this?
In a completely dark room even "low" is too bright. It is significantly brighter than your average alarm clock display. The light needs to be low enough that it doesn't illuminate beyond the phone itself.

A very low setting would allow the phone to be seen or located in complete darkness. "Off" would make it difficult to locate.

In an emergency situation, when room lights cannot be activated, it is important to use a very low light in the display because a brighter light causes the pupil's of the eye to close. When they close you can't see the dialpad in the dark.

I suggest you try this on a T46G in a completely dark room and you'll get a feel for the light level.
Thanks for your explaination.
@Yealink Support: I've also mentioned similar problem in T42G:
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