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Full Version: Yealink T32G Dhcp Option for VLAN ID
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Greetings All

We have a 1000 plus Yealink T32G's at various sites that we wish to deploy.

Firmware Version :
Hardware Version:

Now I know that the Yealink's support DHCP Option 43 and 66.

What I would like to know, are there any vendor specific options that can be encapsulated in the overall option 43 that will place the phones into the required VLAN on boot up.....I would like to try and avoid having to set the VLAN ID manually on each phone.
Hi Sparx,
1. You mean you want to have Dynamic obtain VLAN feature? If yes, we will support this feature in next V71 firmware, but still not have a accurate time for that firmware releasing.
2. Our T2 series phone already released V71 beta firmware, which already supported Dynamic obtain VLAN feature, if you have our T2 series phones, you can test this feature first, to check whether this feature is what you want.
You can download our T2X V71 beta firmware as below(These firmware are just for testing, not for deployment)
3. Now you mean you have a project for 1000 plus T32G phones? When you will deploy these phones? Could you share us more information about this project?
And where are you from, and what's your email address? So i can introduce our special techncial support team and Sales team for you to provide better support for you to win the project.
You can send us a private message for these informations.
where did you get with the DHCP assigning VLAN ID? Does it work now for most Yealink models?
Hi rphenix,

Yes. In version 71, we support Dynamic obtain VLAN feature. T2X and T4X all have this feature now.
You can refer to our release note and admin guide.
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