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Full Version: SIP-T46G (How to Upload Custom Greeting)
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I'm a newbie with ip phones and I just got the SIP-T46G model...

Here's what I need:

I have to upload a custom greeting that will serve as a 24 hour recorded message, of 4.5 minutes (the file is on mp3 or wav)

So, customers will call and listen to the "24 hour recorded message" - At any time during the message, callers can press "0" to connect with a live operator ("0" will forward to a different phone number).

How do I do this within SIP-T46G?

You need to tell us more about your setup. Newbie's don't usually buy something like a T46G right off the bat but of course you need to connect it to something like an Asterisk server or something similar. The functionality you are looking for is normally provided by the server not the phone.
Thanks for answering Brian.

The server I'm using with the SIP-T46G is Flowroute ( - but they told me that what I need, can be configured inside the IP Phone. That they don't offer hosting for greeting...
They are mistaken.... What you want to do would be best addressed by either Anveo (Consumer or Business) :


There is nothing quite like Anveo, check out their site.... it will do almost ANYTHING you want in terms of call handling and routing.

Flowroute is very good but very limited.
Thanks Brian (: I'll check them out.
Thanks Brian.
Hi Heavenly,
As Brian said, this function is acheived by the server, but not the phone.
You can try the services of VoIPInvite here Cool
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