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Full Version: Language Improvement Needed - Yealink Support
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Dear Support People, Thank you for the work you do in supporting a wide range of products and situations. I know it is no easy task.

As a company I think Yealink has a strong mix of products and is poised to become an even larger player in the VOIP marketplace. It would be a shame for communication related support issues to impede that success.

As a retired former executive with a major technology company I was involved with many aspects of my companies support organization both in the U.S. and abroad.

As I read the back and forth conversations on this forum it becomes quite clear that there is a need for significantly better English communication skills from Yealink support. In my opinion, much time is wasted when the questions and answers are misunderstood or misinterpreted. Many technical issues come down to extremely small nuances that people use to try and describe an issue.

I would like to suggest that you put in place someone who is either an English expert or someone who's first language is English and second language is Chinese. They don't need to be a technical expert they simply need to be able to communicate accurately with forum users. After gaining an understanding of the problem they can seek out the appropriate technical resources within your organization.

Another smaller but related issue is that I see more than a few exchanges where Yealink support indicates that there is no solution to a problem only to discover that there was in fact a solution all along.

Thank You in advance for your consideration.....
Hi Brain,
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will try to improve this problem as you mentioned. We will consider to have more professional guys to do this work.
Thank you for your original response but as I watch the forum conversations I don't see any improvement. In many cases the original question is misunderstood.
briankelly63 - you expect a change in 20 days? most companies have to get budget approval, put out internal job posting, follow up with external job posting, interview candidates, internal training, etc.
I think they simply need to take a small portion of someones time and have them simply articulate the questions each day so that the thread doesn't go off in the totally wrong direction. When it comes to a customer facing issue like this it deserves (and will receive) priority because by getting the question wrong they are doubling and tripling their time invested.

I was an Exec at HP for many years, its not a big deal to borrow someone for an hour each day until you identify a person or a role that would address this permanently.

Something like this could even be done remotely so it doesn't have to be a department or even local resource.

The problem may turn out to be that trying to get the issue resolved at this level may be knocking on the wrong door. One or two levels up it may receive the appropriate attention. By posting my request here vs. in an appropriately directed letter, I am asking the very people who are part of the issue to go to their managers and point out that their English skills are an issue (through no fault of their own).

I certainly appreciate the job they do but this is a for profit business on a company run support forum so I expect it to function efficiently so that no one's time is wasted.
that makes sense... i know from my experience that getting the to right person isn't always so easy... hopefully it will happen as I agree with your issue.
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