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Full Version: Client claims T26p is autoanswering
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I've had about 10 T26P's at a client's site for about 60 days.
Today the client called and claimed that they've had about 10 instances where a phone simply answered itself and they heard the caller on the speaker phone saying "hello, hello??".

The calls come into a ring group, which rings 8 phones.
In the case of the auto answering, the calls rang without getting picked up. I'm not sure what the timeout was, but around 35 seconds I think.

Anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?
1. It seems their administrator is paging from the server. They add these 8 extentions to it's ring group, and they was auto answered. But clients can only hear but can't speak to other side, right? So is it possible to check with they administorator?
2. Ask them to disable auto answer in the phone webpage-Account-Basic
3. Disable Intercom in the phone webpage-Phone-Features-Intercom-Settings(If they are using our V70 firmware)
Any update please let us know, thanks.
Ok, thank you for suggesting that.
I'll log in and have a look.

I think I found the cause, but not sure if it's a bug or not.

This problem just came up recently after many, many weeks of deployment.

About a week ago, we were troubleshooting an issue where calls would be cut off at 23 to 24 seconds. In our research, I saw that the ringtime on this particular ring group was 25 seconds.
In troubleshooting, I changed the ringtime from 25 to 35 seconds to see if this would affect the cut off time. This change was only made to one of the two ring groups.
It was later found that the problem was caused by a local carrier (Level3) and a problem on thier network. However, I did not log back in and change the ring time on the group.

Interestingly, only the ring group that was changed to 35 seconds had the problem of Auto Answering.

Assuming I am correct (and I may not be):
The question remains: Why would a phone auto answer if it is ringing for 35 seconds?

Just in case this is not the problem, I have taken your suggestions in the post and applied them to the phones.
Under Account -> Basic
Auto Answer was already disabled on all phones
Under Phones -> Features -> Intercom
Was Enabled, but now set to disabled.

More importantly I think, I have now set the ring group back to 25 seconds (acutally did this yesterday). The client has not complained about auto answer again.
This is very frustrating, I'm seeing this issue T26's with Firmware and

Also seeing it on T28's Firmware

Auto Answer is disabled on my phones
I use the Intercom feature so I can't turn that off.

At one customer I ring for 60 seconds, at another customer I'm using a queue queue that only rings the phones for 12 seconds and at the third customer I'm also using a queue but it rings for 20 seconds. so I don't think my issue is caused by ring duration.

I'm trying to get a log export and a packet capture of the issue but it's intermittent and I've been unable to reproduce it in testing.
I don't know if it's true, but I heard that there is a release that is unpublished that may fix the issue.
1.Sorry for this issue, but we need logs to analyze the problem.
There's no one make paging feature?
2.You can try our V71 firmware which is only release beta firmware:
3.If the problem is still, could you provide PCAP trace, syslog(level 6) and config.bin file to us, so we can analyze?
Before you export the syslog, please set log level as 6, and reboot the phone, then click Start,and reproduce the issue, then click Stop,and export the trace, syslog, config,bin to us.
(About where to export these files, please refer to attached screenshot.)
These three files are very important for us, hope you can kindly understand.
Thank you for your reply.

Regarding #1: Correct, there is nobody making a page.

Regarding #2: Why do you suggest this firmware? Is this a known issue that it will fix?

Regarding #3: The problem is random and not replicated on command. However, if I can find a way to repeat it, I will trace.

Thank you.
What hardware Version are your phones imfloridaguy?
Firmware Version
Hardware Version
I have the same problem in two Yealink T28P.

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

I have captured this issue of the phone with username 100, which receives a call from +351339363735.
The phone 100 is registered to an Asterisk based system.
These phones have headset.
These phones have auto-answer option and intercom option disabled.

Syslog from a syslog server that capture the syslog 6 from Yealink phone:

Phone configuration:

Pcap file captured from Server where phone is registered:

Can anyone help.

Thanks in advance.
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