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Full Version: A huge number of suggestions
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(12-10-2012 07:11 PM)Mauro Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I still don't see any problem with that user experience (I think allowing the same kinds of "call transfers" on all models should make things easier for users who have multiple phone models in their organizations....), but obviously I cannot force you to do something if you don't want to. Maybe you mean that would look a little different from other menus, just because usually there is no menu header in T20 menus?

It's just a little "sad" that I can't decide if to transfer or conference after having started the second call.
I mean, if you already know that you want to transfer that call, when you (A) are talking to B, press TRAN and call C, then hang up and C will talk to B.
If you already know that you want to make a three-way conference, when you (A) are talking to B, press Line2 and call C, then press "conf", and A-B-C will talk together.
But if you don't know if C will want a conference OR a transfer?
It's just luck: if you pressed "TRAN", you cannot conference... and if you pressed "Line2", you cannot transfer. T22 allows it to be more flexible (if you started from "Line2").

I think in web configuration there is an option ("Transfer on Conference Hang up") that may allow to transform a conference in a transfer (if I understand correctly, "A" hanging up should let "B" and "C" continue talking, instead of terminating all the calls), but I don't like a such option, because that would apply to any conference you will do... while it is a thing one should be allowed to decide each single time.

However, I cannot force you to do things you don't want... it's your marketing choices area.

... any idea about the other things of the list in the first post, instead?

Best wishes,

Hi Mauor,
For the question 6 "Suggestion about phone's web interface"
in fact you can know what is the model of the phone from the firmware version , for example T28 is 2.X.X.X, while T20 is 9.X.X.X
so we don't add the phone model to the web site.

you may say it is difficult for the user to understand the model, so we has changed it and used the model name as the first number in the firmware version ,for example T38 firmware version is 38.X.X.X.

Best Regards!
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