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Full Version: Customize DSS key via Configuration File
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I am using Yealink T22 phones with 3CX. What I would like to do is edit the 3CX configuration file that creates the MAC.cfg files to add a customized DSS key to each phone. I see that the section and lines I want are:

[ memory13 ]
DKtype = 16
Line = 0
type = blf
Value = SP0

This corresponds to in 3CX lingo a Shared Park 0 key.

I have made edits to to modify other settings like changing the Time Format to 12 hour mode. However, I can't figure out how to get the DSS key to work. I feel there is just something I don't understand because adding these lines to the mac.cfg file do not get the desired result.

I hope I have explained this clearly and appreciate your assistance.

Allen Miller
Hi Allen,
I will forward your issue to our USA special team, there your issue will have higher priority.
Thank you.

Could u please make a post here, how to solv that problem? thank you
I don't know how to provision DSS key on T20P and T26P with firmware 7.1 ?
Can you post an example how t achieve this per phone ?
Yeah, nice post you'll made here. And also the nice and quite appreciable reply by the admin. Nice going.
Allen - you do not mention what firmware you are using or what version of 3cx. Normally I use this in the 3cx Template File. Then when you make an edit to the extension, it recreates the cfg file for the handset assigned to that extension (based on Mac address).
memorykey.1.line = 1
memorykey.1.value = SP1
memorykey.1.type = 10
memorykey.1.xml_phonebook =

But because it is for a T22 without the extra 10 buttons (T38, T28, T26) then you need to use a line key which should be like this:
linekey.1.line = 0
linekey.1.value = SP1
#linekey.1.pickup_value =
linekey.1.type = 10
linekey.1.xml_phonebook =
linekey.1.label = SP1

scramatte - T20 and T26 will each be different if you intend to use the buttons on the side of the T26.

Firmware for the above code should be this or higher:
The T26 should be using: for 3CX
The T22 should be using:
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