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Hi All,

We have a new W52P device and its working perfectly inside my LAN. But when we connect the device as a remote extension we are having the following issues.

a) Not able to receive call.
b) Not able to hear the other party when we dial out from the extension.

The device is registered with the SIP server using the SIP Server public IP address and we are able to make call from W52P handset.
According the SIP server logs the W52P device is connected with the remote local LAN IP address instead of the remote WAN ip address. This is the reason for not receiving the call & also might be the reason for no sound during the call.

Do we need to use the VPN function to fix this error?
What is necessary to create a VPN link between this device and our SIP server?
Is it possible to register the device using its remote wan ip address with out the VPN function?

Hi JN,
1. Firstly please upgrade to our latest firmware
2. Then could you provide PCAP trace, syslog(level 6) and config.bin file to us, so we can analyze?
Before you export the syslog, please set log level as 6, and reboot the phone, then click Start,and reproduce the issue, then click Stop,and export the trace, syslog, config,bin to us.
(About where to export these files, please refer to attached screenshot.)
These three files are very important for us, hope you can kindly understand.
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