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Full Version: Voicemail Lamp on Programmable Key
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I would like to program Line Key2 to light up when I receive voicemails from the second account programmed into the phone.

I have set it to "Voice Mail", have entered the number to call to receive them in the Value field and it's set to Line 2. The button works when pressed but it doesn't light up.

The main MESSAGE button does light up if I get VM's from Line 1 or Line 2 but I'd like to have them separate instead.

Is this possible?


Hi Everyone

Okay I'm going to live with the the one MESSAGE lamp lighting up when I have voicemails from Line 1 or Line 2.

Problem I have is Line 1 is my extension and Line 2 is the main group incoming account, which most VM's are left on.

I've told the phone not to show missed group incoming calls since someone else may pick up the call and I'll see it as a missed call to my extension anyway.

Unfortunately when we get a group incoming call the phone rings on Line 2 first as I guess it's routed to the phone a split second before it's routed to my extension. Therefore if I pick up the call my phone tells me I have a missed call to my extension.


Can I set the phone to DND just for Account 2?
Features > Forward & DND
Under the DND section change it from 'Phone' to 'Custom'
Pick the account you want to put in DND from the 'Account' drop down and turn 'DND Status' to 'On'
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