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Full Version: Searching for Base
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I have two cordless W52H units connected to one base.
The units periodically go into "Searching for Base" mode.
It lasts about 30 seconds and occurs anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours apart.

Extensions do not work while this is going on.

I have tried moving the base closer to the phones, but that doesn't help. It even happens in the cradle.
I am having the same issue.
Hello all,
What's the firmware are you using now?
If yes, please upgrade to our latest base firmware as below:
Any test result please let us know, thanks.
I upgraded the firmware and it seemed to work for one day.
The next day were were back to the same problem. Searching for base at random intervals anywhere between 1 and 3 hours.

I also noticed that the IP on the base changes and the connected time is always less than 1 day (right now it says: Uptime 0 days 7:0 even though I haven't touched it in that time).

I switched the phone to a static IP
I upgraded firmware and still same issue. Searching for Base and it's about 20 feet away.
Hello aabramov & elementpbx,
Sorry for this issue, so we still need to check some points:
1. Where you deploy your base and handsets? In your office? Is there many metal object? Or any obstacle? And how far of your handset and base?
2. The handset will change to "Searching for base" automatically, and you didn't do any operation before this?
3. How long it will reconnect again after appear "Searching for base" ?
4. It seems there's LLDP or VLAN in your network environment, they make the base reboot and change IP. So please access to your webpage-Network-Advanced, and disable LLDP and Vlan and check again.
5. If the problem is still, please set the Log Level as 6(webpage-Phone-Configuation), and reboot the phone, after the issue appear again, export the System Log to us.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks.
Hi ,

I am having the same issue.
My scenario is I do receive a phone call and don't pickup.
Once the phone stop ringing, I pick it up to see who called, and it says "Synchronizing, please wait" for 5 to 10 seconds. Then after that it displays "Searching for base" or something like that... All my 3 tests phones are doing that. The closest is 15ft from the base.
I am also having the same issue, in 3 of my offices and at home. Searching for base. This is a big problem that makes these phones worthless to me, as they will sometimes drop calls and saying searching for base.

1. Handsets range from 5 feet to 30 feet from bases
2. They go into searching for base randomly, including while on calls
3. 1-10 minutes
4. No LLDP or VLAN
5. I will do this and update.
The same problem here. Any solution found?
Hello all,
Could you try our latest firmware and check again?
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