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Full Version: Port 5062
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I'm using Edgemarc Routers and for some reason I see the phones register to 5062 instead of 5060. Seems to act strange when I see this. Any clues?

T28, 32 and 38.
I have a Yealink phone at my office, connected to a remote site, and it uses 5062 without issue.

How many remote devices do you have?

Even internally, all my Yealinks seem to use 5062 - except 1 has multiple accounts and so it uses 5062 and 5063.
We have a company with 75 Yealink's and it's been a little weird where I get cross-talk so such and sometimes when on a call if another call calls in it DROPS the first call and goes to the second incoming call. Weird as they have 3 other sites without issue on same PBX. Others have Sonicwalls.
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