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Full Version: AutoProvision Local Contacts with Pictures
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I'm able to provision the local directory, but the problem I'm having now is it doesn't appear to be using the pictures I'm uploading. I'm out of ideas so any help would be appreciated.

The structure of my tar is ContactData.xml and photo.tar. The photo.tar has the pictures in it.

My ContactData.xml file has the images selected. A snippet is below. If I change the photoSelect it will change to one of the built-in pictures. On the phone it says "Custom Image" for the contact image.
<contact sDisplayName="Jim Beckner III" sOfficeNumber="xxxx" sMobilNumber="xxxxxxxxxx" sOtherNumber="" sLine="0" sRing="Auto" group="" photoDefault="Config:Jim.jpg" photoSelect="0" />

The logs show this when a call comes in as if it is trying to use the picture, but then it selects DefaultPhoto.png

1082708 Jun 21 15:03:26 syslog[413]: [0412] 00134179 Contact GetPhotoName = (/phone/userdata/Pics/Jim.jpg)
1082709 Jun 21 15:03:26 syslog[413]: [0412] 00134180 m_strRemotePhoto = /phone/resource/Pics/DefaultPhoto.png

My provisioning = tftp://
local_contact.data_photo_tar.url = tftp://

When it provisions I see this which leads me to believe it worked.
Jun 21 15:01:57 autop[405]: [./src/baseMethod.cpp :318 ] IFO partion [/phone/config/Pics] free size:3256320 byte, 3180 KB
1080348 Jun 21 15:01:57 autop[405]: [./src/binParser.cpp :1968] IFO --- tar -xf /tmp/ContactData.tar -C /tmp/;tar -xf /tmp/photo.tar -C /tmp/Contact/;rm -f /tmp/photo.tar;
Hi Kg4ysy,
I think your photo.tar is not correct, because it need to use a tool-7-Zip compressed software to make it.
I attached the manual, please follow the instruction.
Yep that worked like a charm. I noticed the contacts don't show up in the web management, but I'm not that worried about it. Thanks for the info!
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