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Full Version: Support for PAI-FROM & Search Remote Phonebook
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I have had a request from our user base for support of the following options;
1. Caller ID Header - PAI-FROM, and
2. Searchable remote phonebook (Search Remote Phonebook Name).
3. Also what is the character limit for the remote phonebook name (

These first 2 options are available on the T2x range but there is no option to either select manually or within autop.

The last question is because there seems to be space on the screen, but seems to limit it to 16 characters.

....and finally, on a side note, what is the road map for support for these options (if they are not supported currently), and some of the other options which I have seen on this forum?



thanks for your information , for your request , our engineer responsible for UK will connect with you through email



I also want to know if the W52 is going to have a remote searchable phonebook.

Does the W56 supports it?

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