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Full Version: SkypeMate for Windows 2007
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I am running SkypeMate with Skype and using a Sogatel USB Adapter to interface Skype with my PSTN phones. This all works fine, however the Audio settings for Skype are over ridden by SkypeMate which switches the incoming call Ringing Audio from the selected source i.e. Speaker/HP (Conexant SmartAudio HD) to the USB Audio device which is the Earpiece of the telephone. The only inconvenience of this is that incoming Skype calls are not providing any ringing alert on the PC speakers. I've played around with all the audio settings but SkypeMate always over rides the ringing settings for Skype, any ideas for a fix for this.
Hi Jonh,
Really sorry for this inconvenience.
Maybe you can contact Sogatel that whether they solved this issue before.
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