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Full Version: LDAP - Remove spaces in dialed numbers
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I've got a huge LDAP base with spaces in the phone numbers (the number is like XX XX XX XX XX).
Is there a way to remove thoses char (translated by the phone to %20) before the phone send the dialed number to the SIP server ?


Hi Kriss,
Sorry I am afraid you should modify this number as no space number.
Currently we don't have such feature.
Ok, thanks anyway Wink
(06-25-2013 04:44 PM)Kriss Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, thanks anyway Wink

Still no fix for this problem ?
You could write a script to create an XML phonebook from AD which is what we do. We have Hohenstaufen in ours and they were not matching up for incoming caller Id match.
So in our script we strip the hyphens.
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