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Full Version: How do I set ILBC_enabled = 0 to ILBC_enabled = 1
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Via auto provisioning on the .70 version of the firmware?

I've tried:

Advanced.ILBC_enabled = 1


ILBC_enabled = 1

without success.

Is this change still required to use the iLBC codec?

Thank you! Smile
Hi Hoenle,
Do you have our V70 auto provisioning template?
In the MAC-Oriented.cfg file, you can find this paramter:
account.1.codec.7.enable = 1
account.1.codec.7.payload_type = iLBC
account.1.codec.7.priority = 0
account.1.codec.7.rtpmap = 102
Hi there!

Yes, I have the template but none of those options seem to change the ILBC_enabled = 0 line in the user.ini (in the configuration downloaded from the phone)

[ Advanced ]
password =
var_enabled = 0
iStandardOrAdvanced = 1
ILBC_enabled = 0

Is this setting no longer required?
Hi Hoenle,
1. Which phone are you using? And what's the firmware?
2. Do you mean after you auto provisioning with
account.1.codec.7.enable = 1
account.1.codec.7.payload_type = iLBC
account.1.codec.7.priority = 0
account.1.codec.7.rtpmap = 102
But the phone didn't enable ILBC codec?
Anyone has successfully do this?
I still cannot find anyway to enable iLBC using auto provisioning.
I only missed this step, set the ILBC_enabled = 1.

Just to back up a little..... Have you been successful with other provisioning on this setup and phone? Just want to make sure the phone is really reading the file.

What is your provisioning setup? tftp, http??
I have been successfully auto provisioning the Yealink phone T20 using tftp setup.

Below is the log from my tftp server

Jul 11 00:41:37 ocapp xinetd[18207]: START: tftp pid=25694 from=
Jul 11 00:41:37 ocapp in.tftpd[25695]: RRQ from filename y000000000007.cfg
Jul 11 00:41:47 ocapp in.tftpd[25701]: RRQ from filename client.tar
Jul 11 00:41:47 ocapp in.tftpd[25703]: RRQ from filename
Jul 11 00:41:47 ocapp in.tftpd[25704]: RRQ from filename 0015654ab601.cfg
Jul 11 00:42:18 ocapp in.tftpd[25703]: tftpd: read(ack): Connection refused
Please check the phones log to make sure its actually getting the file. This may all be for nothing if you have been able to successfully change other items. The only reason I mention it is that the tftp server log only shows the request that was made, it doesn't show if the phone actually was able to access, open and read the file. Usually that is seen from the phone log or syslog. See Export log in the phone Administration manual.

The last statement in the log concerns me as it may be a permissions or directory issue. You may be able to turn on a higher level of debug commentary in your tftp server.
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