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Full Version: Skypemate for Windows 2008
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Any idea when skypemate for windows 2008 will be available? Skypemate (Beta) is not working based on my experience.
It works fine on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines you just have to reboot and "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" before you install it. Also it helps to be sure and always right-click the executable of SkypeMate 'setup' as well as Skype 'setup' to select "Run as Administrator" upon the initial install.

Basically they didn't pay extra for Microsoft to digitally sign Skypemate's USB drivers for 8 so it won't work out of the box. If you make drivers for devices you now must pay MS for them to be tested and approved for Win8. Here's a link of how to disable that so you can use your old devices on your new Windows PCs.

and a youtube video...,d.eWU

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