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Full Version: LDAP planned?
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Is an LDAP-integration planned?
Hi Ike,
Currently no plan to support LDAP. Any enterprise need this?
(06-14-2013 04:44 PM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Currently no plan to support LDAP. Any enterprise need this?
If you have an asterisk-server, what can you do to distribute contacts?
LDAP is here obvious?!
Hi Ike,
I will submit this to related guys to evaluate.
Please add LDAP support. It's a "must have" feature.
All other Yealink phones (that I know) have it. The snom M9 also supports LDAP.
@Yealink Support
do you have a response from the related guys?
LDAP support is CORE function. We need this function ASAP. We have buy 12 W52P phones and without LDAP this phones are unusable!Huh
Any update on LDAP support please ? Last I heard via Twitter was
Quote:Yealink UK Ltd ‏@YealinkUK Nov 20
@innovot @provu_uk LDAP for W52P is in development for the New Year. No date yet but there should be an announcement in the next few weeks
Hi Yealink-Support, are you still do support in this forum?
Or we (your customers) do some funny monologize? Angry
I join my voice to the others for LDAP support on the W52P.
I have also purchased 14 units and do not know what to say to the client about the LDAP issue.
I might have to take a bite and source another product.. Please reply at the earliest possible, Thank you
The XML alternative is not good , and the XSI is exclusive to broadsoft (who cares)...
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