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Full Version: Load remote phone book error
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I have a sample XML file created by your excel macro of phonebook.xml.
I can access the file from browser but the phone keeps giving me the error "Load remote phone book error" i cant see anything obvious in the syslog attached.

<XXXIPPhoneDirectory clearlight="true">
Please try attached template again.
BTW, what's the model are you using? T28 or others?
Did you have latest firmware?
What is the proper syntax for the URL to look for the remote phone book? Can I use the CSV file or does it have to be XML? And where can I load the file?
Thank You
hello crancom,
You can directly copy the URL from your server.For example (
The CSV file can be only used for local phone book but remote phone book.
Usually you can download firmware,documentation including some configuration files from
If not,contact us.
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