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Full Version: T18 - No OK button so how do I reset it?
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I've got some T18 phones here that need re-provisioning but I haven't been left an admin password for them.

Normally on my T20's I just hold down the OK button until it resets.
But there doesn't seem to be one on the T18's.

Whats the best way to reset theses?


Hi Chris,
You can long press TRAN button until the LED status turn to fast blinking red twice, then press "#" button, Then T18 will restart to factory default.
I installed this firmware LAST_T18_UK_18.0.23.5 I found online and it's buggy....I'd like to either role back or install this version , T18P. Can you please help me.

Thank in advance,


Obviously the hard rest above didn't role the version back.....
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