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Full Version: Incoming calls release ¿Bug?
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We have some problems with new W52 phones.
If we receive 4 incoming calls (answered), we can't do/receive more calls. It seems base doesn't "free" answered incoming calls correctly.

It only counts/happens with incoming answered calls.

The only way to do new calls is rebooting the base manually (web tell us there are calls and can't reboot device).

¿Any idea?

Hi Irontec,
Sorry our W52P only can support up to 4 simultaneous calls.
You can see this information in our datasheet or other manuals.

Yes, I know about 4 simultaneous calls support, but I was talking about 4 incoming NOT simultaneous calls.
I have already found the error/bug.

Using PAI option as CallerID, if the base receives 4 calls (not simultaneous) with RPID header instead of PAI, "blocks" the base and we need to restart it. It seems like it has 4 calls established when doesn't have anyone.

Otherwise, with PAI option also, if the base receives a session update with new info (after a transfer for example) we have the same problem, seems that base doesn't "clear" the calls, and after 4 transfers (SIP Refer) base gets stuck.

I think something is going wrong with CallerID preferences and directmedia/session updates. With other Yealink SIP Phones I don't have any problem.

Thank you for your reply.
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