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Full Version: WhitePaper for VPN is wrong, and does not list w52p
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Hi Folks,

This white paper has several mistakes.

the manual for tar-ing the certs is wrong or not realy clear detailed for windows and as well as for linux.

finaly it was a mix from both (linux and windows)

w/o a sample from the w52p forum and lots off guessing we would not have made it.

now it works, finaly, after playing around with the phone for about 4 hours and debugging perfectly good systems to troubleshoot.

Reason for 4 manhours lost:
The W52P web interface did tell "succes" BUT the tar was NOT used.

very strange way of delivering a verbose feedback. finaly we did debuging a "succesfull" upload. it was succesfully uploaded, but not used, because inside the tar file was according to white papter the folder "openvpn" and not the content of folder "openvpn"

but this was not clearly descriebed in the white paper

pls correct the white paper, also pls. list W52P for the cert paths (the last version of dir path is for w52p correct)


thanks so much for your information , this is really import to us, thanks again for your profession advice.



your welcome, im happy with the yealink fones (3x W52P and 2 T48G)

pls keep up with the good service of this forum.

This forum and its product support was the first reason i bought the yealink before snom, and did replace the 2 Gigaset DX800A i had in use.

And it also will be the first reason for my products choises in the future.

Second reason is the good quality of your firmware, compared to other manufactuerers, also it still got some bugs but you at least try to solve them.

Only things I dislike is the "cheep and crappy" feeling, of especially the W52P Handset. (I compared it to the Gigaset R63H Pro, wich i had before and i really liked them) unfortunatly is your DECT not compatible to the DECT standard, so i have to use your W52P. Second thing i dislike is the "not so bright day" your product desinger have had in choosing to transfer the phonebook to the W52P handset everytime of using it. Pls try this on a test device with several hundreds of contacts. youll go and eat the phone, because you starve waiting for the phonebook, and never will be using the phonebook again.

Anyway, i would like to load my customers database into my phonebook, but well, the w52p just wont handle 2800 customers, sometimes with several numbers. But that is a problem for an other time and location. be sure ill come back to it in the w52p sub forum.

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